About the levels posted: these are for reference only in regards to the competitions the dancer will attend and does not necessarily reflect the level at which the dancer will compete.


Two required competitions, Rainbow & Talent on Parade

One optional competition, Masquerade

Optional s/d/t, PrimeTime

Optional convention, NUVO

No Nationals


Four required competitions, Rainbow, PrimeTime, TOP & Showbiz

One optional competition, Kids Artistic Revue

Optional s/d/t, Masquerade

Optional convention, NUVO



Five required competitions, Rainbow, PT, TOP, KAR & Showbiz

One optional competition, NUVO

Optional s/d/t, Masquerade

Required convention, NUVO


The confirmed dates for the above will be sent out via email shortly.

2018/19 DanceCo Team Members

All That Dance Company (DanceCo) was created for students who wish to pursue their dance careers. Students are asked to audition in the Summer for placement in the company. Interested students must be 7 years of age (or instructor recommendation), have interest in dance, and a determination to succeed at dance.

Company members make trips to various dance competitions, seminars and dance related functions. DanceCo is also active in many local community events. The goal of DanceCo is to let the more serious student realize his or her potential by performing and observing the art of dance.